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Dallas Business Dispute Attorney

When a business in Texas has a legal dispute with a bigger company, a powerful corporate competitor, or an obstinate governmental body, the attorneys at Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, will level the playing field by representing you.

Law firms with less experience declined to get involved with court battles against Texas Instruments when it failed to honor legal commitments to International Silicon Solutions, one of their long-time vendors. However, our expert team of business litigators answered the call to protect the smaller business and its rights. We filed the lawsuit, and after one day we successfully negotiated a deal worth $8,060,000 on behalf of ISS that secured an additional two years of ongoing business between the two parties, and guaranteed reparations for past damages.

“I was being steamrolled by Texas Instruments. As the months dragged on and law firm after law firm shied away from our David vs. Goliath case, the financial strain on my small business grew. I genuinely feared the loss of my business. When Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, entered the case, the entire climate changed and the case was resolved in my favor.” – Gary Barrett, International Silicon Solutions

A short time ago, we aided a client who had established numerous, individual corporate entities to separately perform several functions in the production, processing, and packaging of orange juice. Our client invested considerable personal sums of money to finance this business venture, and he also borrowed significant amounts of money from other partnerships. Unfortunately, the orange juice industry suffered a decline, and our client had to work hard to significantly reduce the impact on him and his business partners. He eventually found himself in a lot of debt, and he was sued by his former business partner, the CEO of a big company trading on the NYSE.  However, the attorneys at Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, were called in to help when the case was proceeding towards trial.  The plaintiff approached our litigation team about resolving the dispute after finishing his lingering deposition.  We effectively negotiated settlement terms that allowed our client to only pay his own debts and no others. The successful settlement minimized our client’s liability to less than 25 percent of the millions of dollars the plaintiff had originally sought.

“Eberstein & Witherite’s speedy and global resolution of my case enabled me to redirect my energies to my other business interests without interruption.” – Todd Follmer

City officials north of the Dallas are accused our client, a world-renowned golf instructor, of failure to comply with ordinances and municipal laws governing the lighting aspects of his business. Our client was afraid that his golf practice facility would be shut down. Also, city officials and inspectors declined to meet at the bargaining table. So the attorneys at Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, took the city to trial. Our knowledgeable trial team worked with the assistance of lighting experts to successfully convince the court that our client was in compliance.

“If I had been forced to remove the lights, or worse, to shut my doors, it would have been a financial disaster. Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, fought city hall and helped keep my facility open for business.” – Hank Haney

These clients and many others in similar situations have benefited from the assistance of a sturdy trial law firm that is aware of the many challenges that small businesses face on a daily basis. Our trial law firm is also a small business.  We know that a commercial misrepresentation, breached contract, or other wrongful act can cause the loss of profit and productivity for a small business, and we know that these losses can put a business in jeopardy. The rates charged by expert attorneys who normally resolve these disputes are often outside the budget of small business owners. Bigger companies and their business associates know about this problem, and they exploit it to their own benefit. However, the knowledgeable Texas business litigation attorneys of Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, are the solution that evens out the litigation playing field.  We protect small businesses and their legal rights.

Our team of assertive litigators handles many commercial disputes that take place in the business environment regarding real estate, contracts, commercial landlord-tenant, collections, purchase-lease agreements, wage and hourly issues, and employment agreements. Through dynamic and cost-efficient representation, the attorneys at Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, resolve business disputes promptly and reasonably. This allows our clients to return their focus back to the operation and growth of their businesses.

Our law firm offers contingency fee and flexible payment options that guarantee small businesses the benefit of exceptional legal representation that best meets the needs of their short and long term business goals. Our clients are not responsible for upfront payments of our legal services under our contingency fee option. Our firm also offers a blended-fee arrangement that features a percentage success fee contingent and a reduced hourly rate on the outcome of a dispute. Our firm is owed nothing under these client-focused options unless we successfully acquire compensation for you. The attorneys at Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, also handle commercial litigation and defense cases on a strictly hourly basis. Our team of professionals takes a resourceful and successful approach to each legal dispute, regardless of the fee arrangement.

Our work outside of the courtroom makes us different. When we agree to represent a case, our litigation team pays close attention to the client’s specific and detailed goals. Then we fully dedicate our substantial professional and financial resources to achieving those goals. Based in Dallas, we use our established network and productive relationships with legal professionals throughout Texas to obtain major jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of Texans.

Eberstein and Witherite, LLP, is recognized as a proper trial practice law firm. We are a preferred law firm to defend small businesses against bigger corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Our reliable display of skill and preparation and inside and outside of the courtroom has awarded clients millions of dollars in successful verdicts and negotiated settlements. We have also protected our clients against false allegations from others businesses. Our team’s energetic support on behalf of Texas clients has earned us a reputation for superiority in the litigation region that is important to commerce and the success of small businesses.