New Initiative to Reduce Pedestrian and Bicyclist Injuries

The United States Department of Transportation recently announced a new initiative to reduce the growing number of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and fatalities. This new initiative will take a comprehensive approach to address infrastructure safety, education, vehicle safety, and data … Continue reading

Post-Accident Question: Move the Car or Not?

If a driver gets into a seemingly minor fender-bender accident, should the driver move his car or leave it where it is? In Texas, the answer is not always clear-cut. Dallas car accident attorney Amy Witherite explains. When a Dallas … Continue reading

Dallas PI Lawyer Discusses Common Car Accident Injuries

Dallas personal injury lawyer Amy Witherite helps people who have been injured in car accidents recover the compensation they deserve. She has seen many different car accident scenarios. And, although each accident is different and results in a unique set … Continue reading

Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Deposition Tips

If you have been injured in a Dallas auto accident and have started the legal process to recover compensation for your injuries, you will likely offer pre-trial testimony at a deposition. Dallas personal injury lawyer Amy Witherite offers these tips … Continue reading

Dallas PI Attorney Answers: What is a “Contingency Fee?”

If you have been injured in a car wreck and are shopping around for a Dallas, Texas personal injury lawyer to handle your claim, you may have heard the phrase “contingency fee.” Many Texas personal injury attorneys operate on a … Continue reading

Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer Explains Why Hiring an Attorney is Important

Unfortunately, many people who are injured in car accidents—even those who are badly injured in serious car accidents—never hire attorneys to help them prove their cases. Dallas car accident lawyer Amy Witherite explains why this can be fatal to a … Continue reading

Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Amy Witherite Explains – What Is a Deposition

Dallas personal injury lawyer Amy Witherite of Eberstein & Witherite, LLP discusses the deposition process. Many personal injury victims have had no contact with the legal system prior to having to file lawsuits to recover compensation for their injuries. They … Continue reading

1-800-CAR-WRECK Teams With Dunbar High School for Back to School Event

Fort Worth – The Fort Worth based law firm of Eberstein & Witherite is gearing up to participate in this year’s back to school rally and parade sponsored by Paul Laurence Dunbar High School. The firm’s attorneys say the 2014 … Continue reading

15 Ways for Mature Drivers to be Stay Safe on Roads by Eberstein & Witherite

Dallas, Texas car wreck attorneys  of outline 15 points to help Mature Drivers Stay Safe ‘One of the most difficult conversations to have with a family member concerns driver safety after the family member reaches a certain age or has exhibited … Continue reading

Strides Made in Protecting Gay and Transgender Workers from Discrimination

Eberstein & Witherite discrimination lawyers discuss the impact recent legislation has had on protecting the rights of gay and transgender employees. Gay and transgender workers have long faced challenges in the workplace. Discrimination against employees based on their sexual orientation … Continue reading

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