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STEPPING UP OUR GAME: Eberstein Witherite Keeps Your Life Running

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For almost two decades, the team at Eberstein Witherite has been top in the personal injury market of the legal industry, but not how you would think. Our focus has been to personalize each situation and listen to our clients’ needs without leaning heavily on a nickname or a gimmick.

What we do have is a passion, one that we are giving a mantra: WE KEEP LIFE RUNNING

Since Eberstein Witherite is expanding services from Texas into Georgia, the firm intends to carry the same level of excellence across state borders. Respect for others. Expertise to represent them. And boldness to help them fearlessly.

The team at Eberstein Witherite shows their commitment to excellence without shouting about how much money can be won in a settlement, which is uncommon in the legal industry. Our goal is to level the legal playing field and make legal services available to those with little or no legal representation in time of personal injury and motor vehicle wrecks, regardless of their socioeconomic class, education, or status in life.

Our hard-working clients usually don’t have money to get their car fixed, much less to treat their physical injuries following a car wreck. The loss of a vehicle means life could stop. This means hourly wages stop coming in, and a frantic search for help begins.

We offer assistance without upfront payment. Medical treatment? Financial assistance? Transportation? Child care? These are the areas of life that many law firms don’t consider when a client is in a car or truck wreck. Those things stop, which is why we are dedicated to keep them running.

Take Ronald, a former client of Eberstein Witherite, who expressed his gratitude for his team and his attorney Victor Rodriguez, who handled all aspects of his case, and kept his life running after his car accident.

“I was represented by Victor Rodriguez,” Ronald stated, “and we were in court for a week on my case. I always heard on the radio that these guys are good; however, until you are in the courtroom with these guys, you don’t know just how good they are. They ask all the necessary questions that should be asked, if not more.”

“During the last day of my trial,” Ronald continued, “I felt great until the defense’s back specialist arrived. After they discredited me, I would have personally tucked in my tail and left. My lawyers from Eberstein Witherite took exceptional notes and countered him. Because of my experience, I know they are what they say they are. I am happy that he helped me win my case.”

Eberstein Witherite has never been a billboard-style law firm that loudly announces its achievements. Instead we provide outstanding and intimate service to clients like Ronald who have suffered physical and emotional trauma, and need help getting back on their feet. Sure, you hear Amy Witherite on the radio, but she is reaching out to people who need help, not those looking for a payday.

“We hope you are never in an accident, but if you are in a wreck and need one of us, we are able to keep your life running just as we did for Ronald,” Amy said. “When life stops, you don’t need someone to shout at you. In those difficult moments in life, we need someone to listen. That’s more than our job, it’s our mission.”

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