Veteran’s Administration Medical Malpractice

1. What do I have to prove to hold the VA hospital or doctor responsible for my injury?
The victim of medical malpractice generally must prove that the person or institution, such as a hospital, owed you duty of care that the person or institution breached by acting in a manner that fell below the acceptable standard of care in the medical community and this caused your injury.
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2. Do I need to hire a lawyer to sue the hospital, or should I file a suit on my own?
The facts and laws involved in hospital negligence cases are often complex, and typically, the defendant will have hired attorneys. An experienced Texas medical malpractice attorney can best review the facts and law to identify the people responsible, explain your rights, gather evidence, and confront those responsible in court or across the negotiation table. Eberstein & Witherite, LLP, has successfully represented former Veteran’s Administration patients who were injured by VA staff.
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3. Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?
As a rule in Texas, the surviving family members of a deceased patient, such as spouse, child, parent, or siblings, may file a wrongful death lawsuit.
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4. What compensation can I receive if I bring a wrongful death suit?
Texas law allows the surviving family members to be compensated for their losses, including funeral and medical expenses, lost earnings and the loss of support and companionship.
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